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Could you be causing harm to your home’s HVAC system without realizing the consequences of your actions? While homeowners certainly don’t mean to harm their home, some heating and cooling practices—or lack thereof—could be causing damage that may eventually cost a significant amount of money for the repair or replacement of your HVAC system. Keep reading to find out how you could be harming your HVAC system so you can implement changes that will prolong the lifetime and increase the efficiency of your furnace and air conditioner.

1. Not Replacing Air Filters

Your furnace air filter is an important component of your HVAC system. This filter helps prevent particles such as dust, dirt, pollen, and animal dander from collecting inside your furnace, air conditioner, and air ducts. You should typically have your filter changed or cleaned once every 30-90 days, depending upon the type of filter your system uses. If you neglect replacing the air filter, it could become clogged and reduce the amount of airflow through your system, making your furnace or air conditioner work harder and more prone to breaking down.

2. Not Scheduling Precision Tune-ups

The need to maintain the home’s engine, the HVAC system, is often overlooked. Even if you aren’t experiencing trouble with your home’s HVAC system, regular maintenance service is needed at least once a year to check and clean its components. Just as your car requires annual maintenance tune-ups, your heating and cooling equipment does as well. During a routine maintenance visit, your HVAC technician will also test your system for any problems and can replace worn or broken parts. Failing to schedule regular service can dramatically reduce the lifetime of your HVAC system by allowing dirty or damaged parts to cause further problems.

3. Ignoring Problems

If you are having problems with your heating or cooling system, it’s important to address these issues as soon as possible. Allowing a problem with your HVAC system to persist may only cause more widespread damage and increase the cost of operating the system. In many cases, if problems are not fixed within a timely manner, they ultimately cause permanent damage to the system that requires full replacement to restore normal function.

4. Using the Thermostat Improperly

Your thermostat controls the temperature inside your home. However, using this vital tool properly is an important part of protecting your HVAC system. Some homeowners may not understand how to use their thermostat properly, resulting in higher operating costs and a limited HVAC system lifetime. Making constant adjustments to the thermostat while your system is on can cause the system to run improperly. When you receive annual maintenance, ask your expert HVAC technician how to properly set and run your thermostat.

5. Overlooking Needed Duct Repairs

An overlooked, but important factor in the proper operation of your heating and cooling system is the duct work. The ducting system of the home, when properly designed, delivers the conditioned air throughout the home. However when ducts leak, they create extreme inefficiencies in the delivery of the air you just spent money to make the right temperature. Effectively, leaking ducts may heat and cool completely unused areas of the home, like attics, basements, walls or crawlspaces. This wasted energy may cause the run time of the system to overwork itself, potentially to the point of death.

Don’t let bad habits or practices damage your HVAC system—you can contact one of our trained specialists at 561-743-9554. We’ll not only make sure your system remains in great repair, we can also offer personalized tips so you know exactly how to care for your furnace and air conditioner.

So call stephen k. denny Air Conditioning and Pool Heating today and Smile cause your cool now.

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