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Jupiter Air Conditioning Maintenance

Jupiter Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioner problems can strike at any time, but you’re more likely to have an issue with your system during periods of heavy use. Especially in the long cooling season of South Florida, preventive maintenance is essential for keeping your energy bills in check, maintaining efficiency and preventing breakdowns.

Each of these common air conditioning problems can be effectively prevented with an annual tune-up.

Low refrigerant
A refrigerant leak will need to be addressed by a qualified HVAC professional who will search for the leak, repair it, test the repair and top off your system to meet the exact requirements of the manufacturer.

Electrical control failure
Over time, electrical connections become loose and wires and terminals begin to corrode. A technician will need to tighten the connections and test the electrical controls to ensure proper cycling.

Dirt buildup
Essential components of your system, such as the fan, motor and condenser, can fail prematurely if they’re coated in dust. Your indoor and outdoor units will need to be cleaned by a professional, this is a major cause of Air Conditioner problems in South Florida. 

There are a couple of tasks you can perform throughout the cooling season to help prevent dust buildup inside your system:

  • Check you air filter every month and replace it when it’s dirty. Keep the area around your indoor unit clean.
  • Hose down your outdoor unit every month to remove debris trapped in the fins. Remove obstructions, including plant growth, from around the unit.

Drainage problems
The condensate drain will be flushed during your system tune-up, preventing water from backing up and shutting down your air conditioner. During periods of high humidity, check the drain regularly and remove obstructions with a plumber’s snake to ensure proper drainage and prevent mold growth.  Air Conditioner problems in South Florida typically from the humidity levels.

Sensor problems
If the sensor in your room air conditioner becomes bent out of place, your unit may cycle erratically. Locate the sensor in the control panel and bend it so that it’s close to the coil but not touching it.

If your are experiencing any of these types of issues, you will want to call stephen k. denny Air Conditioning of Jupiter Florida to schedule a Maintenance, check out our maintenance plans at:

For more expert advice about preventing common air conditioner problems, contact the pros at stephen k. denny Air Conditioning and Pool Heating. We’ve proudly served homeowners throughout Palm Beach, Martin, and St. Lucie Counties for over 25 years.


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