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Are you tired of the damp feeling you get in your home, your sheets, your clothes?  In South Florida including Miami, Fort Lauderdale north, south, east and west it doesn’t matter humidity is the common ingredient that works against your air conditioning system.  Humidity is also the main ingredient in the formation of mold and mildew.  So the question is what can you do about it? Dehumidification is the answer.

The answer is really quite simple, remove the moisture.  Now most people know that humidity is somewhat controlled by your air conditioner.  The air conditioner comes on and your air is dehumidified.  Those of you that can see your air conditioning drain outside can see the water pouring out when the a/c is running.  That water is the moisture being removed from your indoor air.

While the air conditioner is a great way to remove the humidity, it does not turn on or off based on the humidity level in your home, temperature controls the operation of your a/c system.

Fortunately there are products available that will precisely control the humidity level in your home.  Lennox makes a fantastic system that actually integrates with your existing air conditioning system.  The Lennox Healthy Climate Whole Home Dehumidification system  utilizes your existing a/c and duct system to effectively remove and control your indoor relative humidity level.  At the same time it will add better filtration.  The net effect is wonderful.  Cleaner, crisp air that is not conducive to the growth of mold.

If you are interested to learn more about Central dehumidification systems for your home or office in South Florida, Palm Beach, Martin or St. Lucie Counties Fort , give stephen k. denny Air Conditioning and Pool Heating of Jupiter Florida l today to schedule a free estimate online now.

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