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Expert Advice from stephen k. denny

Expert Advice from stephen k. denny


Let a stephen k denny professionally  help you enjoy longer system life and greater comfort.

As we all know, a heating and cooling system is a substantial investment for any homeowner to make. So how can you make sure you get the most comfort out of your system for the longest time?  Ask an expert.

Get Professional expert advice and help from stephen k. denny

First and foremost, we recommend getting your system inspected by one of our trained HVAC professionals before peak heating or cooling season.   Having us give your system the once-over every spring and fall can do more for longevity and performance than nearly anything else.

Spring and fall are the best times because you want one of our pros checking your system out before you really need it.

The spring inspection is especially important for customers in the south Florida, because the increased heat of summer places a particularly strenuous demand on HVAC equipment.

A system that’s not in good working order will have to work a lot harder to cool your home.  That wastes a lot of energy.  It also puts a lot of stress on the component which can reduce system life.

What stephen k. denny will do

During our professional inspection, there are several things your we will do.

  • Check the filter status. Dirty filters make the system work harder because it’s pulling air through greater resistance.  Dirty filters also affect the quality of the air in your home.
  • Check refrigerant charge. A system with too little refrigerant will have to run longer, wasting energy and creating extra system stress.  A system with too much refrigerant won’t cool very efficiently, and will also suffer damage as it runs.
  • Check electrical connections. Over time, screws and connectors can come loose, which can create arcing and sparks that could damage electrical components like control boards, compressors and blower motors.
  • Clean coils. The outdoor coil can gather dust and dirt, harming efficiency.  The indoor coil can likewise become jammed with household dust, which increases energy use and can even cause the coil to freeze over.

Do you feel you need your unit checked out? Call stephen k. denny Air Conditioning of Jupiter Florida.  Proudly serving Palm Beach, Martin, and Port St. Lucie counties for over 25 years.

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