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Why must we clean condenser coils?

Condenser Cleaning

Condenser Coil Cleaning

Air conditioning equipment is designed to operate between certain outdoor temperature limits. Cooling and condensing of the refrigerant vapour is designed to occur with a particular volume of air flowing through the condenser at a maximum outdoor ambient temperature. (Usually 115°F) 

If the finned surfaces of the outdoor coils are fouled with dirt, the ability of these condenser coils to transfer heat is reduced and the airflow through the condenser coil is reduced (blocked by dirt and dust). When the ability to transfer heat is reduced, the operating temperatures and pressures of the air conditioning unit increase. A unit, designed to operate at ambient temperatures of 115°F or more, may stop operating at an outdoor temperature of 90°F. Due to the reduced heat transfer capability, the operating temperatures and pressures within the unit exceed the manufacturer’s safe limit and the unit shuts down. 

If the unit does not exceed the manufacturer’s limits by enough to shut down, it will continue to run at reduced capacity and efficiency, and at an increased rate of wear and energy consumption due to the increased work load. A strong reason for preventive maintenance, reducing wear, costs and catastrophic failure. 

Call us today to schedule a Maintenance Plan that will help protect your Condenser and save you money. It is always important to have your Condenser coils cleaned. 

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