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programmable thermostat is a thermostat which is designed to adjust the temperature according to a series of programmed settings that take effect at different times of the day.

Heating and cooling losses from a building become greater as the difference in temperature increases. A programmable thermostat allows you to adjust the times your air conditioner turns on or off according to a pre-set schedule.

For example, during cooling season, a programmable thermostat used in a home may be set to allow the temperature in the house to rise during the workday when no one will be at home. It may then be set to turn on the air conditioning before you get home allowing the house to be cool when you arrive while still having saved air conditioning energy during the peak outdoor temperatures. At ECM we also recommend that you set your thermostat to go up 1-2 degrees a couple of  hours after the time you go to sleep because your body temperature goes down at night so you will not notice the change in temperature and it will reduce the amount of energy you use and save you money

Below are some tips on how to save money with a programmable thermostat

1. Keep the thermostat set at its energy saving set points for 8 hour periods of time to maximize your savings. During the day, nightime, and after bedtime are three setting you can use.
2. If your home has multiple air conditioning units, you should use a programmed thermostat for each zone to maximize comfort and energy savings throughout the house.
3. If your programmable thermostat runs on batteries, dont forget to change then once a year. If the batteries go dead, your A/C will stop cooling and you may come home to a sweltering hot house if it happens in the summer time.

If you decide you would like a programmable thermostat installed in your home.  Call stephen k denny Air Conditioning of Jupiter Florida and  we will be happy to help you start saving money today.

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