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3 Popular Advantages of Investing in Packaged HVAC Systems

When it’s time to buy a new HVAC system or replace your old one you have a few options. From ducted split systems to ductless mini splits, much of the country opts for using split-system technology, which consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit that work together to provide the heating and cooling your family needs.

In contrast, a packaged system stands alone, providing all your heating and cooling from a single outdoor location — typically either outside in your yard or on top of your roof. The type of system you choose will depend on a variety of factors. Here are features of packaged HVAC systems that you may find compelling as you consider which HVAC option might work best for your Jupiter, FL home:


Packaged systems house all their components in a single cabinet, keeping everything needed for cooling and heating conveniently accessible and always within reach during HVAC services such as system maintenance or repair. Because these systems are completely self-contained and installed outside, they also save space inside the home since they don’t require a separate indoor furnace or air handler to complete the system. Another advantage to having all the components of your HVAC system located outside is a quieter and more peaceful home environment.


Many packaged systems are highly affordable to purchase, and installation costs are typically lower with packaged systems than with their split-system cousins. This is because packaged system installation is less complex — a factor that also reduces the margin for error, making incorrect installation less likely. Since correct installation is vital for energy efficiency and system longevity, both of which save you money, this can be a real pro of packaged systems. Heating and air conditioning repairs can also cost less since the equipment is less time-consuming and labor-intensive to work on.


Choosing Energy Star-rated models can help you conserve energy, though simply making sure you choose the right equipment type for your needs and climate will also help maximize energy savings. To make that easier to achieve, packaged systems come in several different configurations. These include the following models:

  • Packaged Heat Pumps: For homes in milder climates such as ours, this option provides energy-efficient heating and cooling without requiring additional components.
  • Packaged Air Conditioners: Another option for homes in warmer climates that rarely get chilly enough to require heat, these systems offer minor heating capabilities via electric heating strips, in addition to their primary AC function.
  • Packaged Gas & Electric Systems: More efficient and effective in colder climates, this configuration offers electric AC in summer and gas heat in winter.
  • Dual Fuel, or Hybrid Packaged Systems: These systems conserve energy in colder climates by combining an electric heat pump with a gas furnace. The system switches between the two heat sources in winter, depending on the outdoor temperature, thus ensuring that the more energy-efficient option is always in use.

Packaged HVAC Systems Have a Lot to Offer FL Homeowners

For many South Florida homeowners, packaged HVAC systems provide the perfect balance between affordability and convenience. Installation is easier and less expensive, and the ready accessibility of all their components in a single location makes servicing faster and more convenient. Not having to house a furnace or air handler indoors also allows homeowners more options for using their interior space.

Our Expert HVAC Services Help Maximize These Advantages

At Stephen K. Denny, Inc., we offer a full range of professional HVAC services to help maximize the advantages that packaged systems were designed to offer you and your family. From packaged AC and heat pump installation to precision packaged equipment repair, our knowledgeable technicians bring you the skills that help ensure that every component of your packaged system yields the maximum return on your investment. For help determining whether a packaged system is right for your home, call (561) 250-7415 to discuss your heating and cooling needs with one of our HVAC comfort specialists.

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