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6 Myths About Thermostats in Jupiter, FL

A thermostat plays a significant role in improving indoor comfort and lowering energy bills in your Jupiter, FL home. Knowing more about this component of your HVAC system will help you utilize it correctly and maximize its benefits, so here are some common myths about thermostats.

1. Installing a Programmable Thermostat Automatically Reduces Your Energy Bill

Many homeowners assume that having a programmable thermostat translates to lower energy bills in their Jupiter, FL homes. This is because these devices can automatically control temperatures even when you are asleep or away.

However, a programmable thermostat will only help you save energy if you operate it optimally. Doing so will likely lower your energy consumption and prevent premature breakdowns that cause the system to consume more power. These savings may reduce your energy bill, but it is not guaranteed.

2. The Location of Your Thermostat in the House Will Not Affect Its Performance

Where you place your thermostat is vital. This is because the thermostat’s immediate environment affects its ability to read the current indoor temperature. This in turn affects the performance of your HVAC system and the comfort of your home.

Ideally, you should place your thermostat close to the zones that need optimal temperature control, like your living room or bedroom. Also, avoid placing the device near electronic appliances or in places with direct sunlight. The kitchen and near the doorway are also not convenient places for your thermostat because the environment will prevent it from accurately reading your overall indoor temperatures.

3. Setting Your Thermostat Higher or Lower Will Help Your Home Reach the Desired Temperatures Faster

This statement is false because an HVAC system delivers heat in the house at the same rate irrespective of the thermostat setting. This means that setting an extremely high temperature may overshoot your ideal indoor temperature and cause your air conditioner to strain in the long run.

When you set your thermostat too high, your energy bills will increase. To avoid this issue, set the thermostat at the desired temperature level and wait until it warms up your house.

4. Switching Off Your HVAC System When You Are Not in the House Will Save You Money

This assumption is false because once you return home, your heating and cooling system will have to work harder to warm the intensely cold house and create a comfortable indoor environment for you and your family. Instead of turning the system off completely, consider installing a smart or programmable thermostat and programming it according to your daily schedule.

For instance, you can set it to warm the home about 30 minutes or one hour before you arrive home from work. A smart thermostat can also automatically turn the AC on whenever it senses someone in the house.

5. If the Indoor Temperature Isn’t Correct, Then Your Thermostat Is Broken

This assumption holds some truth because a thermostat with dead batteries can’t read temperatures correctly. However, other factors, such as leaky ductwork and a broken HVAC system, may also be causing the issue.

Moreover, you may get inaccurate temperature readings if you have put the incorrect settings on the programmable thermostat or placed it in a shady area or behind a large object. You may also experience this issue if your house has poor insulation or large gaps in your doors and windows. Therefore, check all these potential causes before you decide to replace the thermostat.

Additionally, request a professional service technician to inspect your HVAC system and repair any damaged components. This professional can also help you replace an outdated thermostat with a new smart or programmable one.

6. Every Home Needs Just One Thermostat

This statement is false because most homes, big or small, need more than one thermostat. This is more important in homes with several cooling and heating zones. For instance, you can install a thermostat upstairs and a different one downstairs.

Installing multiple programmable thermostats makes your home more comfortable and energy efficient. This is because they allow you to set ideal temperatures for each zone.

A thermostat is an essential device in an energy-efficient home. Every Jupiter, FL homeowner should know the truth behind the misconceptions surrounding this important device. Contact our experienced service techs at Stephen K Denny, Inc. for reliable HVAC installation services.

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