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6 Practical Tips for Adding Years to Your Furnace’s Life in Jupiter, FL

During the cold season, Jupiter, FL, homeowners rely on furnaces to keep their homes warm. Implementing several preventative measures can help these systems remain fully functional for a longer time. Below are six tips for increasing the lifespan of your furnace.

1. Hire Professionals to Install the System

If you are installing a new furnace in your Jupiter, FL home, consider hiring qualified service technicians to do the work. Remember that proper heating system installation requires experience, a license, and specialized equipment.

Allowing a professional to perform this task reduces the risk of making errors that can damage your system or compromise its functionality. Additionally, this expert will help you choose a furnace size that suits your home. You can contact them if the furnace develops issues within the warranty period.

2. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Furnaces work harder when the weather is freezing. For this reason, you should prepare them for winter by scheduling routine maintenance. During the tune-up appointment, the technician will inspect your heating system and identify any components that need repair or replacement.

Some furnace issues that need immediate attention include short cycling, unusual noises, and inadequate heating. Difficulty turning the heater on is also a sign that it needs repair. Ideally, maintenance should be conducted twice per year for optimal performance.

It is vital to fix minor issues identified during this session before they become larger. Furthermore, some problems can create dangerous conditions, like carbon monoxide leaks in your Jupiter, FL home. During the maintenance session, the technician will also clean the vents and tighten the loose connections to ensure that your heating system functions effectively and efficiently.

3. Clean or Change Filters Regularly

Furnace filters help to eliminate dust, pet dander, and other airborne pollutants. This function improves indoor air quality and makes your home more comfortable.

Over time, these contaminants can clog the filters. As a result, they will restrict airflow and increase the furnace’s workload. Changing or cleaning them is an effective way to increase your furnace’s lifespan and efficiency.

How frequently you replace the filters depends on factors like manufacturer recommendations and indoor conditions. Consider doing the replacement monthly if you have pets or live in a dusty area.

You should ensure that the filters you use are appropriate for your furnace. Some higher-rated filters can effectively trap contaminants and allergens but restrict airflow through your furnace. If you are in doubt, consult a professional technician to make the right choice.

4. Install a Programmable or Smart Thermostat

How often your heating system runs and how hard it works determines its lifespan. A furnace that runs more frequently than necessary can break down regularly or stop functioning. You can reduce this workload by using a smart or programmable thermostat.

These devices will program your heating system to run only when necessary, like when you are home, rather than running all day. Better still, a smart thermostat enables you to control your furnace remotely via your smartphone or tablet.

5. Insulate Your Home

Inadequate insulation contributes to heat loss in your Jupiter, FL, home and forces your heating system to work harder to maintain comfortable temperatures. If the system runs more frequently than usual, consider insulating your attic and walls. It reduces the furnace’s workload and enables it to last longer.

6. Seal Your Doors and Windows

Your doors and windows also contribute to heat loss by allowing warm air to leak and cold air to enter your home, forcing your heating system to work harder. As a result, it will experience a premature breakdown or start malfunctioning.

To prevent this problem, seal your windows and doors. Think about installing double-pane windows because they provide better insulation. Additionally, replace any damaged or cracked weatherstripping.

Smart usage and consistent maintenance can stretch your furnace’s lifespan for years. Contact the experienced technicians at Stephen K. Denny, Inc. for your furnace repair needs.

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