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Typically, you can depend on a well-maintained pool heater to provide a comfortable swim throughout the warmer seasons. Here are seven reasons to call for pool heater maintenance this spring in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

1. Your Water’s Not Getting Warm Enough

Wear and tear can take a toll, especially after extended periods when the device was hibernating. If your pool water isn’t reaching the comfortable temps you’re used to, there are a couple of issues to check for.

Your filter may be dirty, resulting in a low flow. This prevents the heater from firing up. Also, the pool timer may have an improper setting.

A springtime maintenance check is the best way to find out if your pool’s not ready for summer fun. An early checkup can provide sufficient time to fix anything that isn’t working right.

2. The Heater Won’t Turn On or Stay On

You need a free flow for your pool heater to function properly. Here are issues that can prevent this:

  • Faulty transformer
  • Low fuel
  • Low water pressure

Confirm that your propane is full. Also, check to see if the gas valves are open. Another issue could be a clogged shut-off valve.

Excessive moisture during the winter may have corroded the electrical terminals. If you’ve checked the tank and valves and see nothing out of the ordinary, it’s a good idea to call for a professional to come out.

3. Maintenance Extends the Heater’s Lifespan

Regular and early maintenance is an investment in your pool. Maintenance prevents the cold shock of poorly heated pool water. It also prevents damage and helps keep money in your pocket.

The checkup provides peace of mind. You’ll know that when hot weather arrives, your family and guests won’t have anything to worry about as you relax around the pool.

4. The Unit Churns Out Soot or Smoke

This is a serious matter. Your heating unit needs an adequate supply of oxygen to function. Otherwise, the ignition falters.

The American Lung Association notes that this situation can lead to unhealthy emissions. If you turn on the system and find soot or smoke, it’s time to call the pros.

You might also find signs of burning. This is a hazardous condition that needs immediate attention. Turn the unit off, and call your pool heater expert.

5. Odd Noises

When the pool heater emits strange sounds, it’s often because of debris in the filter or hose. While the unit runs, take a look at the hose and filters. If you find an obstruction in the filter, go ahead and back-flush it.

This is a process you may not be familiar with that’s actually part of standard maintenance procedure. So leave it for the experts.

6. Maintenance Is Less Expensive Than a New Heater

Making sure your pool heater works properly will save you the few thousand dollars needed for a new unit. A fan motor can unexpectedly die during the winter. A sensor can go bad, making the other parts of the heater work overtime.

If you need a pool heater repair, having the device checked in the spring ensures it’s going to be ready for summer. We can order parts early. We’ll install them quickly and do so without disrupting the lifestyle you’re accustomed to.

7. Ensure Consistency in Performance

Your pool heater’s not powering up when you need it. A spring maintenance check means reliable operation, and that means less time stressing and more time enjoying your pool. Consistent performance saves you money because it contributes to your heater’s energy efficiency.

The only way to get the best out of your pool heater is to manage repair and maintenance throughout the heater’s lifespan. Our team of technicians has built a reputation for honesty and integrity. If you’re having problems with your pool and its utilities in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, you need to call our experts at Stephen K Denny, Inc. right away.

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