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Cut Down on HVAC Energy Costs with These Tips

When you live in a subtropical climate like Jupiter, Florida, quality HVAC equipment is more than a luxury. It’s a necessity that ensures everyone stays comfortable during summer heat waves and mild winters. There’s no denying that the comfort HVAC systems provide comes at a cost, however.Heating and cooling account for more than 35 percent of the energy consumed in the typical Florida home. The secret to lowering your HVAC energy costs lies in making major improvements that deliver the biggest bang for your buck.

The following recommendations are backed up by experts in energy conservation. Each tip offers a great payback on your investment.

Start with HVAC Maintenance

Like tune-ups for your car, professional HVAC maintenance keeps your air conditioning and heating systems operating in peak condition. By optimizing system efficiency, pre-season checkups pay for themselves through lower HVAC energy costs year-round. Regularly scheduled maintenance also safeguards you from unexpected repairs. Well-maintained systems last long too, saving you from the cost of a premature replacement.

Seal Wasteful Air Leaks

Any gap, hole or crack in a building’s exterior structure forces your HVAC system to run longer to keep you comfortable. Use caulk to seal leaks around plumbing, electrical, phone and cable conduits. For around 30 dollars, you could cut your heating and cooling expenses by up to 20 percent. For additional savings of up to 10 percent, use weatherstripping to seal drafty doors and windows.

Install a Smart Thermostat

A thermostat you can program to adjust temperatures while you’re away can lower your heating and cooling costs by 10 percent. A smart thermostat handles the programming for you. These high-tech devices use algorithms to learn your schedule and temperature preferences. They also let you access settings and track your energy usage from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Plant Shade Trees

A few well-positioned shade trees can shave up to 50 percent off your air conditioning costs. Place them on the south or west side of your structure to keep the hot Florida sun at bay. For optimal savings, choose deciduous trees that shed their leaves in the fall. You’ll enjoy cooling shade all summer and warm sunlight when temperatures drop during the winter.

Optimize Ductwork

Few HVAC components have a bigger impact on your energy bills than ductwork. In the average home, up to 30 percent of the air moving through ducts is lost to leaks. Poor design and improper placement impact efficiency too. Persistent warm or cold spots make it hard to stay comfortable in any season. From duct repair and modifications to sealing and cleaning, professional duct work HVAC services can improve your comfort and save you money.

Change the Air Filter

HVAC filters help keep the air you breathe clean and healthy, but that’s not their main purpose. Their primary job is to keep dirt, dust and other contaminants from accumulating on critical components. Clogged or dirty filters take a toll on the equipment, shortening the system’s service life and decreasing efficiency. Changing the filter whenever it looks dirty will save you money on HVAC energy costs.

Choose Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

Windows provide light, warmth and ventilation, but they can also impact HVAC efficiency. Use draperies, shades and blinds to prevent heat from radiating through indoor spaces during the long, hot Florida summer. Curtains with white-plastic backings can reduce heat gain by as much as 33 percent. For maximum energy efficiency, mount the window treatments as close to the glass as possible.

Since 1990, Stephen K. Denny, Inc. has been proud to provide energy-saving products and services to our customers in South Florida. For more information about how we save our valued clients money on operating costs, explore our broad range of HVAC services. Don’t let high HVAC energy costs keep you from enjoying the many benefits that quality heating and cooling systems offer. To speak with a comfort specialist, call (561) 250-7415 today!

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