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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Pool Heater in Florida

Getting a pool heater in sunny Jupiter, Florida, may seem redundant but it can actually be a major positive for homeowners. Having a pool heater can increase your enjoyment of your pool and keep you swimming longer! Here are three reasons why you should consider a pool heater for your Florida pool.

Seasonal Use

While it’s not as dramatic as other states, Florida does experience a winter period. Usually running from November to March, winter in Florida can see temperatures drop down below 50 which is far too chilly to go swimming. This is where a pool heater comes in. A pool heater can keep your pool comfortable year-round, meaning you can keep swimming even when the temperature dips during the winter months. You can get an estimated 12 extra weeks of swimming when using a heater.

More Time to Swim

During the transition months between summer and winter, the days can still remain extremely hot while nights cool down considerably. With a pool heater, you can extend your swimming hours during these months by turning on the heater once the temperature begins to drop. Then, if you’d like to swim during the day, you can turn the heater off. Plus, only using the heater during the evening won’t contribute much to your energy bills!


Your pool heater can provide additional flexibility to your pool use. If you aren’t an avid swimmer, you can use it selectively during chilly months or nights — it isn’t something that’s required to run all the time. Plus, modern pool heaters heat pools much quicker than previous models, so you don’t have to wait multiple hours for a warm pool. This means you can swim when you want on your schedule, whether you’re taking an impromptu dip or getting some morning exercise.

If you’re interested in installing a pool heater, the experts at Stephen K. Denny, Inc. can help. Give us a call at (561) 250-7415 to set up a consultation today!

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