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As the seasons change and you move from heating your home to cooling it, you’ll also experience some changes in your home’s indoor air quality. For instance, warmer air is capable of holding more moisture than colder air, so your Jupiter, FL home will feel more humid. New plant life will also spring up, distributing pollen.

But there are some other changes in your home’s indoor air quality, and they won’t necessarily happen because you’re trading in winter boots for summer sandals. They have to do with other issues in your home — issues that can be easily addressed by you or by an HVAC specialist.

Change Your HVAC Air Filter

An air filter is what keeps catches dirt and debris inside your HVAC system before it can spread around your home. When your filter is at its best, the air quality in your home is better. But when your air filter becomes too dirty to do its job, debris will blow right past the filter and you’re more likely to be affected by allergens. A regular air filter change can ensure you’re doing all you can to breathe healthy air.

Clean Your Air Ducts

An air filter change isn’t the only HVAC-related maintenance you should perform to improve indoor air quality. Dust and dirt can also get caught in the ducts that distribute air around your home. In some cases, biological growth can grow inside your ducts as well. You should have your ducts examined and, if necessary, cleaned on a regular basis in order to keep debris from building up.

Clean and Dust Your Home

One of the easiest steps you can take to improve your home’s indoor air quality won’t require an HVAC specialist at all. Simply keeping your home clean and dusting hard-to-reach places can keep allergens from bothering you and your family.

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