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4 Symptoms of a Bad Pressure Switch in Your AC in Jupiter, FL

A pressure switch is an essential part to your air conditioner system in Jupiter, FL. It controls when the compressor should turn on and off, preventing the system from working too hard. A malfunctioning AC pressure switch may show the following symptoms.

1. The AC Stops Without Warning

One of the most obvious indications that there’s a problem with your pressure switch is this. If your air conditioning stops and refuses to work when you turn it on, something might have gone wrong with that switch.

2. The AC Runs Nonstop

If your air conditioner runs continuously, there may be a problem with the pressure switch. Your air conditioner’s pressure switch controls how hot the refrigerant is.

The switch instructs the compressor to start working and add more refrigerant when insufficient. Due to this continuous cycling, the switch’s internal components may deteriorate over time.

3. The Air Is Warm

The most likely cause of your air conditioner blowing warm air is that the pressure switch has failed. The pressure switch turns on the AC when the temperature inside your home decreases and off when it increases.

According to some professionals, this might occur if the manufacturer placed a poor-quality temperature sensor that doesn’t detect temperature changes. When this occurs, your cooling system will turn on and off without cooling your house.

4. Unusual AC System Sounds

The buzzing of the pressure switch is among the most common noises an air conditioner makes. This switch controls a valve to open or close to maintain a steady refrigerant pressure in the system.

You’ve probably heard it before if you have one in your system; it sounds like a high-pitched chirp coming from your vents. A malfunctioning pressure switch produces several sounds, including that high-pitched chirp, a rattling hum or even sporadic clicking.

If you notice any of these signs, it may be time for repairs or new equipment. Contact our experts at Stephen K Denny, Inc. to inspect your system and eliminate the chance of further damage, giving you the best solution for your affected system.

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