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As the heat and humidity climb in Jupiter, FL, you may have concerns about the cost of cooling your home. The more efficiently your system runs, the less it’ll cost to maintain a comfortable environment. Here are four ways to tell if your AC is inefficient this summer.

1. Extra Moisture Around Your Home

Your air conditioner helps remove some moisture from the air as it runs. Keep an eye open for extra condensation on your windows, around your vents and in your bathroom. This is a crucial indicator that your air conditioner lacks efficiency.

2. The System Runs Constantly

If your system has long cycles or constantly runs, it indicates a problem achieving the right temperature. This means you’re paying a lot to run your air conditioner without ever experiencing the relief and comfort it should bring.

3. Your Air Filter Is Dirty

Your air conditioner works by cycling air through your HVAC system, absorbing heat from it and venting it outside. If it can’t cycle air, it won’t cool your home. Looking at your filter gives you a great indication if the system can cycle enough air.

Plan to check your filter monthly to ensure your system continues to run efficiently. You’ll only need to replace it about every 90 days, depending on the filter type and your air quality. However, you can gently vacuum off the intake side to extend its service life.

4. Your System Is More Than a Decade Old

As air conditioners get older, they inherently run less efficiently. Most central air conditioners have an expected service life of 10 to 15 years. If your system is more than a decade old, it likely lacks its original efficiency, and you may want to consider installing a new AC unit.

Keep your air conditioner running efficiently this summer to keep your operating and repair expenses down. Call to schedule your AC maintenance visit with the expert technicians at Stephen K Denny, Inc. today.

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