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A pool heater is a vital part of enjoying your pool all summer long. The last thing you want is a faulty unit putting a halt to your family’s swimming in Jupiter, FL. Learn how to identify the common signs that indicate it’s time to repair or replace your pool heater.

Water Doesn’t Warm up Correctly

If your pool’s water isn’t warming properly, then either you haven’t set the timer correctly, or you’re dealing with a dirty filter. A dirty filter causes a low-flow situation that prevents the heater from firing. Cleaning the filter is the first step toward fixing the situation.

Heater Won’t Turn on or Stay On

A pool heater requires a free flow to operate efficiently. Three reasons that can impact this flow and cause a faulty heater include:

  • Bad transformer
  • Low fuel
  • Low water pressure, typically from a dirty filter

Inspect for open gas valves to ensure that enough fuel reaches the heater. It’s possible that your system has corroded electrical terminals or suffers from a clogged shut-off valve.

Make sure you bring in a pool heater repair technician to inspect these issues. He or she can determine whether your heater is repairable or requires replacement.

Heater Unit Emits Soot or Smoke

A well-functioning heating unit emits clean carbon monoxide after ignition from an adequate oxygen supply. Get your pool heater professionally serviced immediately after noticing soot or smoke coming out of it.

Strange Sounds

Unusual noises indicate a clogged filter or hose. Call a technician so that they can remove any obstructions via the filter back-flush process.

Are you concerned because you’re noticing problems with your pool filter? Contact one of our friendly Stephen K Denny, Inc. representatives, and we’ll schedule your next pool heater maintenance inspection. One of our technicians can also help you decide if you should repair or replace your pool heater.

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