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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Jupiter Air Conditioning Maintenance

Jupiter Air Conditioning Maintenance

With the seasons changing and lower temperatures approaching you might think that you’re giving your Air Conditioner a rest.  Not true, in the next coming months your AC Unit may be working just as hard as it did during the hot, humid summer months.  With Florida’s weather patterns of cold fronts during our fall and winter months there will be times when we need the AC, don’t need the AC and need the heat.  With the fluctuation of these temperatures your AC Unit will be switching gears quite often.  Your air conditioner’s inconsistency will also become a petri dish for bacteria and mold to grow.  So before those cold fronts start rolling in, it would be a great idea to get your maintenance done on your AC Unit.

Be sure to research your AC Service Provider to ensure that they are trained, certified and insured before choosing them to perform the maintenance.  Ask what a maintenance visit will entail, can they give you a check list of services performed? Will they give you the readings and statistics that the pull from the unit?  How in depth is the cleaning that they perform?  Can they guarantee that after the work is complete that the AC Unit will be in good working, efficient conditions?  Arm yourself with the right questions to qualify the right company.

Call stephen k. denny Air Conditioning for your Fall Preventative Maintenance, you can trust that our Highly Skilled Technicians will get your system working to optimal performance. So go with a company you can trust, locally owned and operated for 30 years.

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