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Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home in Palm Beach Gardens, FL?

Nothing is more annoying in the summer than having one room of your house as cold as ice while the next room has you sweating bullets. There are all kinds of things that can cause uneven indoor temperatures. However, there are a few common air conditioning problems that can cause hot and cold spots throughout your home.

HVAC Filters Need Replacing

The first thing to check whenever your HVAC system seems to have a problem is the air filter or filters. These filters get clogged with dust and other contaminants and need replacing every one to three months. Failure to replace them reduces air flow, decreases indoor air quality, drives up energy bills, and makes components break down sooner.

Air Isn’t Flowing Through Vents

The vents and registers that supply air to each room in your home can also be the problem. If your vents are dirty or closed, that will reduce airflow. Vents also get blocked by furniture in some homes, so be sure to keep them clear to allow the air to circulate properly.

Ductwork Needs Repairs

The air ducts inside your ceilings, floors, and walls that supply air throughout the house can also be the problem. If the ducts develop gaps at the joints or have holes and tears, air will leak out. This will cause some rooms to get little or no air and be much hotter than other rooms in the house, so you might need to have your ducts inspected for leaks.

Air Conditioner Needs Service, Repair, or Replacement

Lastly, your air conditioner could simply need a tune-up or repair. Most AC systems will last 10 years or more. If your air conditioner is well beyond the decade mark, it might even need replacing.

If the air temperatures in your home aren’t properly balanced and you think you might be in need of AC repair, contact Stephen K. Denny, Inc. today. We’ll come to check out your system and see what it needs to eliminate those hot spots and properly cool every room in your home.

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