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The brain behind the air conditioning system in your Wellington, FL, home is your thermostat. This is where you can set the desired temperature within your home. Unfortunately, thermostats go bad every so often and need to be replaced. Read on to learn when your thermostat needs to be replaced.

Incorrect Temperature Reading

Your home thermostat should have at least two different temperatures on it: your desired temperature and the actual indoor temperature. If you notice that the actual temperature indicated on your thermostat is nowhere near what you feel the temperature is, it could be an indication that the thermostat in your Wellington, FL, home has gone bad. It’s a good idea to use another type of thermometer inside of your home to determine if the temperature reading is actually off or not before replacing the thermostat.

It Doesn’t Turn on

One extremely annoying indicator that your thermostat has gone bad is that it won’t turn the air conditioning system on. This could be a result of a frayed wire inside of your thermostat or another internal electrical issue. In this situation, it’s best to call in an air conditioning professional to look over your entire system and ensure that your thermostat is causing the problem before replacing it.

Dial Thermostat

One of the earliest types of thermostats is dial thermostats. These are less accurate than the new smart thermostats due to the mercury inside of them. If you still have an old dial thermostat, you should highly consider upgrading to a new smart thermostat designed to give you more options to help the air conditioning system in your Wellington, FL, home be more energy efficient.

If you think you think your thermostat needs to be replaced, you should contact our experts at Stephen K Denny, Inc. to help. Our air conditioning pros can verify that your thermostat is bad and recommend great new replacement options to meet your needs and budget.

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