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Your home’s duct system plays a critical role in circulating proper airflow. Keeping the HVAC system in your Palm Beach Gardens, FL, home in top condition can help maintain optimal heat flow. If you notice a sudden change in the airflow, it could indicate issues with your ductwork, so you may need to call a professional technician to fix the problem.

Unusual Noise

If your HVAC starts to produce strange noises when it turns on, it could be an indication of immediate or gradual damage. These sounds can occur due to various reasons, including loose fittings and air leakages within your ductwork.

Ignoring unusual sounds from your system can worsen the situation and reduce the system’s efficiency. So, be sure to call an expert as soon as you hear any strange noise from your unit.

Inconsistent Airflow

You can experience inconsistent airflow in your home due to problems with the equipment’s supply system. Alternatively, if you install a new air conditioning system on old ductwork, there are high chances the two units are not compatible.

This means that you may need to modify your duct system to allow for seamless compatibility. Some of the necessary adjustments may include changing air filters, adding vents and changing grille sizes.

Unexpected Increase in Utility Bills

While you may experience energy bill changes at certain times, a sudden increase at unexpected times could be a sign of problems. This could also indicate that your system is working harder than necessary, thus consuming more energy. Inspect your duct system and identify the issue so you can schedule a maintenance visit.

Call Stephen K Denny, Inc. today for superior ductwork services if you’re experiencing ductwork issues. Whether you’re looking to cool or warm your home, our qualified technicians will help you achieve your comfort goals efficiently.

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