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Your heat pump is a major system and requires care and maintenance in order to run efficiently and well. Heat pumps have many components, which need to be checked to perform optimally. While you can perform many simple maintenance tasks, a professional technician in Jupiter, FL, will conduct more extensive maintenance. Read on to learn more about how you can effectively maintain your heat pump.

Clean and Replace Components

Keeping the heat pump sections clean is a crucial part of heat pump maintenance. Dirty filters, coils and fans impede airflow, which will, in turn, make your unit work harder. Changing the filter is simple, and you should replace it every one to three months.

Conduct a visual examination of your indoor and outdoor heat pump units and clean the coils and fans if they appear dirty or clogged. Check the vents and registers in your home and clean them.

Keep Units and Vents Clear

Check the outside unit for any debris that may be blocking the unit. It is a good idea to do this regularly and after any period of high winds.

Make sure your indoor registers and vents do not have items in front of them, such as furniture or other objects. A blocked vent prevents free airflow and causes the air system to run less efficiently.

Schedule Maintenance Service

While you can perform maintenance on your system throughout the year, it’s a good idea to also have a professional technician conduct a thorough inspection annually. The technician will inspect your blower, ducts, coils and filters for dirt and clogs. They will examine the ducts for leaks, measure your airflow, check the refrigerant for levels and leaks, inspect the belts, lubricate the motors and check the thermostat communication.

By staying on top of a regular maintenance schedule, you can on save energy costs and help prevent major problems down the road. Call Stephen K Denny, Inc. if you need a professional tune-up in Jupiter.

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