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As your private retreat from the world, your Jupiter, FL home should be a safe, comfortable and healthy environment. For the millions of people who suffer from allergies, that’s often not the case. A widespread health problem, allergic reactions are often associated with poor indoor air quality. Triggering symptoms can range from runny noses and sneezing to severe asthma attacks. Here are the three top indoor allergens:

1. Dust Mites

The microscopic dust mite wins the prize as the most common indoor allergen. Too small to see with the naked eye, these crab-like creatures live in household dust. They thrive on soft surfaces like beds and upholstered furniture where they can feast on dead skin. Carpeting, draperies and fabric wallpaper are breeding grounds for hungry dust mites.

2. Animal Dander

Even if you don’t have any pets, you likely have animal dander in your home. Smaller than dust mites, these airborne contaminants are easily dispersed throughout the community. Animal dander consists of the skin flakes that dogs, cats and other furry pets shed from their bodies. Cat dander is particularly insidious. A single cat can produce enough dander to feed an army of dust mites.

3. Pollen

Pollen may originate from outdoor plants, but it’s one of the most prevalent indoor allergens. It clings to pets, hair, clothing and household furnishings, making it hard to rid your home of the sticky substance. When pollen counts are high, experts recommend keeping windows closed and using your air conditioner to help clear the air. Washing clothing and bedding in hot water is also helpful.

HVAC Solutions

When it comes to reducing allergic reactions, house cleaning can only go so far. Measured in microns, most allergens are so small that they can remain airborne for long periods of time. Whole-home air cleaners that work with your HVAC systems offer a more effective option. The Trane CleanEffects system can remove airborne allergens as small as 1/1,000th the diameter of a human hair!

From air filtration systems to indoor air quality, Stephen K Denny, Inc. offers an array of products and services designed to improve the health of your home. For more information, check out our indoor air quality section or give us a call at (561) 250-7415.

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