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If you are installing a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, a key to long-term performance, energy efficiency and indoor comfort is proper sizing. Your HVAC contractor may speak about load calculations, Manual J and other terms. Basic information about load calculations will help you understand why proper sizing and installation are important when getting a new HVAC system for your Jupiter, FL home.

Definition of Load

Load refers to the amount of heat energy that must be removed or added to maintain a comfortable temperature in a space. Load calculations are used to determine the size of the heat pump and air conditioner required to heat and cool a building. A properly sized unit is energy-efficient, operates quietly and regulates both temperature and humidity.

Calculation of Load

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) publishes manuals used to calculate load. Although the calculations are complex, they are based on the laws of thermodynamics and common sense.

Your HVAC contractor will evaluate your building’s orientation and micro-environmental factors that affect how much sun, shade or wind a building gets. Trees that shade the roof or vegetation planted around a building reduce indoor temperatures. By reducing solar gain, the HVAC unit does not have to work as hard to cool.

The contractor will also look at other factors, including the number of doors and windows, how many people occupy each room, the color and type of roof, size of the building, amount of insulation and the latitude of where you live. Each factor affects the load and the size of the system.

HVAC Installation and Comfort

Proper HVAC installation is important for comfort. An oversized unit will short-cycle, which affects air circulation and humidity control. Larger units require larger ducts, which increases cost. Units that are too small will run longer, eventually overtaxing the compressor.

Stephen K Denny, Inc. has more than 25 years of experience in HVAC repair, installation and maintenance in Jupiter, Florida and nearby communities. We evaluate your indoor comfort needs and recommend equipment that works with your budget and lifestyle. We offer a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee to back up our work. Call today to speak to one of our comfort advisors to find out more about HVAC installations and load.

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