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Mini Split AC Services – Repairs & Installations in Jupiter, FL

ductless ac services

Ductless split systems are a great option if you want to cool one room or your whole house. They’re efficient in comparison to traditional air conditioners, which are impractical and more expensive to install. The experts at Stephen K Denny, Inc. offer ductless installation, repair, and maintenance services.

Ductless System Applications

Ductless systems can be used in the following rooms in your home:

  • Meeting rooms
  • Attics
  • Bonus rooms
  • Room additions
  • Bedrooms

Consider Ductless Air Conditioning

Traditional air conditioners can be burdensome. Sometimes building designers are forced to make structural changes so the ductwork and other air distribution components of a traditional AC unit will fit. Ducted systems can also be very complex, so contractors oversize the equipment to make sure it fits. This ultimately results in inadequate comfort, higher energy bills and more installation expenses.

On the other hand, ductless AC systems don’t require ductwork. Because of this, you will no longer experience loose connections and energy-robbing leaks. Ductless split systems have a self-contained air handler inside a fashionable cabinet that is installed in a ceiling or hung on a wall.

They produce outstanding efficiency and comfort because the air handler can be placed in a way that provides maximum cooling without needing major changes. They are also quiet systems because the condensing unit is always installed outside.

Benefits of having a ductless system

A ductless split system may be the best option for you if you want to experience better comfort in your Jupiter home. Here are some of the benefits of these systems:

  • Efficiency: Ductwork can negatively affect efficiency due to leaks, gaps, and poor workmanship. Even if a traditional air conditioning unit is installed perfectly, it cannot keep up with the efficiency of the ductless split system.
  • Fast Installation: Ductless systems can typically be installed in a day. Because there is no ductwork to install, labor costs are usually minimal. In fact, a 3-inch hole in an exterior wall is usually the only change required to install a ductless air conditioner.
  • Increased Comfort: Mini-split AC systems work independently, so everyone in the home can change the temperature to match their personal preference. Remote control thermostats are included with new systems.

Professional Ductless AC Services

Consider purchasing a ductless air conditioning system if you want to upgrade your cooling system. Call the pros at Stephen K Denny if you want to learn more about going ductless. We’re a Trane Comfort Specialist dealer, and service all makes and models.

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Available for 24/7 service with same day service guaranteed.

Available for 24/7 service with same day service guaranteed.

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