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HVAC & Pool Heater Maintenance Services in Jupiter, FL

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Is your HVAC system needing constant repairs? Are the expenses piling up? Stephen K Denny, Inc. recommends getting preventive maintenance and having your HVAC system inspected twice a year.

Our comfort advisors perform routine maintenance on your air conditioning systems, heat pumps and pool heaters to ensure that they’re operating at maximum efficiency. Mechanical equipment that is maintained lasts longer and costs less to operate.

AC Maintenance

Getting routine maintenance for your air conditioner is the best way to ensure that your cooling system doesn’t completely break down before it’s supposed to. One of our comfort advisors will visit your home once a year before the heating season kicks into full gear. They will check the following components to ensure your system is working efficiently:

Air Handler Unit

  • R/A temperature – S/A temperature
  • Evaporator coil (extra to clean)
  • Motor oiled
  • Drain pan condition
  • Drain line blown out
  • Cabinet air-tight
  • Electrical connections
  • Air filter cleaned/replaced
  • Check thermostat/humidistat
  • Duct system air-tight
  • Heater operating properly
  • Heater amps

Condensing Unit

  • Suction PSI/head PSI
  • Start amps/run amps
  • Time delay operation
  • Motor oiled
  • Electrical connections
  • Contractor condition
  • Condensing oil (cleaned, if necessary)
  • Equipment model & serial numbers

Pool Heater Maintenance

Your pool heater is supposed to last five to ten years or even longer. However, if you don’t properly maintain it, the life of your pool heater can prematurely end. Investing in routine maintenance at least once a year will help extend its life. When you purchase our maintenance plan, one of our comfort advisors will complete the following tasks:

  • Check thermostat operation
  • Entering air/leaving air temperature
  • Clean evaporator coil
  • Oil motor
  • Clean drain holes
  • Check suction PSI/head PSI
  • Check start amps/run amps
  • Check time delay
  • Inspect contactor condition
  • Inspect pump over ride contactor
  • Inspect heat exchanger condition
  • Test water pressure switch
  • Test high & low head pressure switch
  • Check lights
  • Paint any rusted parts
  • Equipment serial & model numbers

Maintenance Pricing

One system is equivalent to one (1) indoor air handler and one (1) condensing unit or one (1) package unit or one (1) pool heater.

Number of Systems Twice A Year Once A Year
One System $148.00 $74.00
Two Systems $296.00 $148.00
Three Systems $444.00 $222.00
Four Systems $592.00 $296.00
Five Systems $740.00 $370.00
Six Systems $888.00 $444.00
Seven Systems $1036.00 $518.00
Eight Systems $1184.00 $592.00
Nine Systems $1332.00 $667.00
Ten Systems $1480.00 $740.00
Eleven Systems $1628.00 $814.00
Twelve Systems $1776.00 $888.00
Thirteen Systems $1924.00 $962.00
Fourteen Systems $2072.00 $1036.00

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Available for 24/7 service with same day service guaranteed.

Available for 24/7 service with same day service guaranteed.

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