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4 HVAC Issues to Watch Out for in Older, Stuart, FL, Homes

Older homes have benefits that modern homes in Stuart, FL, don’t, such as character and sometimes purchase prices. However, they also have their share of problems when it comes to heating and cooling. If you’re thinking of buying an older home or already live in one, watch out for these HVAC issues to prevent headaches in the long run.

1. Poor Insulation

Insulation is the first step to making your home energy efficient. Older homes tend to have inadequate insulation. Sometimes, it’s too deteriorated to do its job of keeping warm air inside when it’s cool and cool air inside when it’s warm.

Make sure to have a professional check the amount of insulation to make sure you’re not paying more than necessary for energy. Areas that may need additional insulation in an older house include attics and crawl spaces.

2. An Old and Inefficient Heating and Cooling System

Older homes also tend to have old furnace and air conditioning systems that don’t meet the efficiency standards of modern systems. Although these older units may seem to be in working condition, they may lead to energy bills that are higher than what you’re used to. Besides high energy consumption, older HVAC units also tend to break down more often, which can be a source of irritation and cost.

3. Odd Noises

An older home’s HVAC may also emit odd noises, such as rattling or humming. These noises can be a sign that there’s something wrong with your system, like broken parts or issues with the installation of the unit itself. For instance, you may hear loud popping noises if there’s too much air pressure in the system, or scratching noises when the fan blades rub against something.

In most cases, these problems are easy to fix and won’t require an extensive replacement process for you to get back on track. However, if you ignore them, they may become worse over time and require a full replacement, which can be expensive.

Before you move into an old house, take your time to listen to the HVAC system. If you hear any unusual noise, speak to the landlord or previous homeowner to get more information about the problem and determine how to go about eliminating it.

4. Dirty Air Filters

An older home’s HVAC may also have dirty or clogged air filters that could cause problems later on. For instance, you’ll probably notice poor airflow through vents if the filter is too full of dust and debris to let any air pass through it. If the system uses electronic components, like boards and sensors, a dirty filter can damage them over time by restricting airflow around them.

If you’re planning to move into an older house, make sure you get a professional HVAC technician to check the system and air filters before you start packing. If they’re too dirty, faulty or outdated, have them replaced so that your heating and cooling system functions optimally.

While older homes can be great investments for some people, they may have aged and inefficient HVAC systems.

The good news is that our experts have a lot of of experience resolving HVAC system problems. So, you can trust us to help you out. Contact our team at Stephen K. Denny, Inc., for expert HVAC system installation, repair or maintenance.

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