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4 Indoor Air Quality Technologies

People spend most of their time indoors, so indoor air quality (IAQ) is important. Contaminants such as dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander, or biological growth can cause allergy or asthma symptoms, headaches, sore throats, eye irritation, rashes, or other issues. Fortunately, you can use a variety of advanced technologies to improve your IAQ, prevent problems, and make your Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, home more comfortable.

UV Air Purifiers

UV air purifiers use ultraviolet (UVC) light that’s usually blocked by the atmosphere to damage the DNA of microorganisms, killing them or keeping them from reproducing. A UV air cleaner can help you prevent illnesses, bad smells, or damage to your house from biological growth. However, it can’t remove dead viruses, bacteria, or other pollutants.

You can have a coil sterilization light installed in your HVAC system’s outdoor unit, or you can get a UV lamp placed inside your home’s ductwork. These devices are especially helpful for people with health issues that make them vulnerable to colds, the flu, and other infections. They can also help keep your HVAC system’s air filter clean longer, saving energy and extending your unit’s life by improving its airflow. You should have the bulbs for both types of UV air purifiers changed once per year to keep them effective.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

An energy recovery ventilator (ERV) removes stale air from your home. It also has a heat exchanger that’s similar to a heat pump. When it removes harmful pollutants from your home in winter, it transfers heat away from the outgoing air so that it can be rerouted into the home. That way, you can use as much ventilation as you need to raise your IAQ and reduce allergies without wasting energy and making yourself and your family uncomfortable. Many people are reluctant to use exhaust fans or open windows because these ventilation methods could increase power bills.

ERVs use filters to remove contaminants from incoming air, and they can get rid of pollutants and excess moisture along with musty air. They can increase your comfort and prevent health problems from poor indoor air quality. They can even let you vacuum and dust less by helping you keep dust from gathering on your floors and furniture.

Indoor Air Quality Monitors

An indoor air quality monitor can let you know if there’s a problem with your indoor air quality before you or any other members of your family have to deal with bad smells, allergy symptoms, or other health issues.

IAQ monitors are often called smart smoke alarms because they can detect low levels of formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, ozone, and other dangerous substances. They’ll warn you if your home isn’t safe, and they’ll let you know when you need to change your heater or air conditioner’s filter. Many models can monitor the humidity and the rate of electricity consumption in your house as well. You can save energy by having inefficient appliances repaired or replaced, and you can make sure your indoor air doesn’t become too moist or dry.


A dehumidifier can make your humid home more comfortable. It can save power by allowing your HVAC system to run more efficiently. A dehumidifier also makes your ductwork and the rest of your home a less friendly environment for biological growth. It can prevent bad smells, water damage from excess moisture, rotting wood, and peeling paint as well.

You can choose a whole-home model for your HVAC system’s ductwork, or you can use a smaller, less expensive portable version in one or two rooms. Both types of dehumidifiers collect water over time, so you should empty them every few days.

Stephen K. Denny, Inc. has decades of heating, air conditioning, and IAQ experience. We can help you install a variety of useful equipment to improve the air inside your home, save energy, and increase your comfort. We’re a Trane Comfort Specialist, and we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. It’s our goal to provide our customers with superior service. For outstanding help from our friendly technicians, call us anytime at (561) 250-7415.

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