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The ductwork in your home delivers fresh, cooling relief from the scorching heat of a Jupiter, FL summer. When your ductwork develops leaks, your air conditioning’s efficiency and your comfort suffers. The best way to discover if your ductwork leaks are to inspect it visually. Given that ductwork typically is out of sight, out of mind, how do you know when you have a problem? Here are three signs that you have leaky ducts and might be in need of duct work services from Stephen K. Denny, Inc.

Decreased Comfort

If you find that you keep lowering your thermostat, but your rooms don’t seem to get cool, you probably have an air duct leak. Stuffy rooms and uneven cooling throughout your home can also signal leaks.

Higher Energy Bills

As conditioned air travels throughout your ductwork, you can lose up to 30 percent of it through air leaks. As a result, your AC system has to work harder to cool your home. The harder your unit works, the more energy it consumes, and the higher your energy bill climbs.

Low Airflow

When your air conditioner runs, you should feel a strong air current blowing out of your register. If you only feel a faint breeze, the likelihood is great that you have holes, cracks, or loose joints in your ductwork.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs of leaky ducts, duct sealing is a straightforward solution to fixing the problem. To learn more about how duct sealing improves the comfort in your Jupiter home, check out the duct work services we offer at Stephen K. Denny, Inc. or call us at (561) 250-7415. We have the expertise and experience to seal your duct leaks and maximize your system’s efficiency.

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