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The duct system in your Palm Beach, FL, home plays a critical role in delivering cooled or heated air to various rooms. Although your ductwork can serve you for an extended period, it needs replacement when certain problems develop. Here are five major signs that show your ductwork needs to be replaced.

1. Tangled or Damaged Ducts

If your ducts show tangling or damage, then consider getting an AC installation. The plastic material used to make ducts is susceptible to rips, tangles and tears that impede air circulation in your home. Although your HVAC system will continue to operate, the damaged ducts inhibit a significant portion of the filtered air from reaching the interior areas in your home, forcing your HVAC system to work harder and increasing your energy bills.

2. Constantly Dusty Home

If your home in Palm Beach, FL, remains dusty all the time, then you might have leaky ducts. Leaks allow dirt and dust to get in the ductwork and conditioned air to escape. If you have a constantly dusty home, call your technician right away; otherwise, you risk your own and your family’s respiratory health.

3. High Energy Bills

Steadily increasing energy bills show that your ductwork has a problem. Issues with the duct system make your entire HVAC system work harder than it usually does, causing a spike in your utility costs.

4. Uneven Temperatures

If you notice that some rooms get improperly cooled or heated compared to the rest, then it’s time for ductwork replacement. Inconsistent temperatures might be a sign of unbalanced ductwork, so call a professional to help you diagnose the problem.

5. Old Ductwork

Most duct systems last between 10 and 15 years. It’s essential to know that duct joints, seals and seams deteriorate over time due to natural wear and tear. If your ducts have served you for over 10 years, replace them before significant issues like gaps, pests or even collapsed duct sections arise.

If you notice any signs mentioned above in your Palm Beach, FL, home, call Stephen K Denny, Inc. right away to schedule ductwork services. We’ll assess your entire HVAC system and establish a plan that suits your unique needs.

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