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Common Benefits of Investing in Duct Sealing Services

Houses that have forced air heating and cooling systems use a series of ducts to move air through the home. Over the years, regular use of the system can cause ducts to loosen, allowing more air to escape. Duct sealing in your Jupiter, FL, home can help improve system efficiency and reduce electricity bills while improving indoor air quality.

Finding Duct Leaks

First, a certified technician will examine your ductwork for obvious holes, gaps and disconnections. They will also run a blower test and evaluate the system as a whole to determine where air may be escaping.

Sealing the Leaks

Duct tape is not sufficient for sealing leaks, despite its name, as it tends to come loose over time. Instead, a technician will seal loose connections with duct mastic, a thick paste that forms a tight seal. Once the paste dries sufficiently, they will perform another test to ensure that all leaks are sealed.

More Energy Savings

Because leaky ducts can reduce energy efficiency by as much as 20%, sealing them should result in a considerable drop in your energy bill. Air will be directed to the areas where it is supposed to go. Well-designed and sealed ducts may also allow you to downsize your system, which will also result in energy savings.

Improved Comfort

Sometimes homes with leaky ducts have hot and cold spots. Sealing ducts keep the temperature more even. The air goes where it’s supposed to instead of to areas such as the basement.

Better Air Quality

Leaky ducts also let in more dust, dirt, biological growth and other undesirable particles that affect the air quality in your home. Sealing ducts helps reduce unwanted particles.

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