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Poor indoor air quality can cause health problems that get worse over time. If your Wellington, FL, home is causing you symptoms like itchy eyes or shallow breathing, it’s time to invest in an air-purifying solution. This guide explains four ways better indoor air quality can benefit you.

Better Quality Sleep

When we can breathe deeply and soundly, we sleep well. When the air quality in your home is poor, you may spend half the night coughing or breathing too shallowly to truly get the rest you need. Airborne allergens and particles can even cause sleep apnea in sensitive individuals, so clean air is a priority.

Deeper Breathing

Clean, filtered air allows you to breathe easier and in a more relaxed manner. You may hold your breath or inhale shallowly without realizing it, depriving your brain and body of oxygen. After having your indoor air quality corrected, you’ll notice the difference that breathing easily creates.

Fewer Allergy Symptoms

Microscopic particles of dust, dirt and pet dander can cause problems for those who are prone to allergies. By purifying the air and removing these particles, your body can rest and recuperate.

A Better Smelling Home

Poor air quality and an excess of humidity can cause odors to stagnate in your home and remain there for weeks, particularly if the airflow in your home is less than ideal. These smells dampen your mood and make your home a less pleasant place to relax. Special filtration systems can break down odors from the source, which is something a standard HVAC filter can’t do.

Are you looking for a high-quality air purification system you can trust? Give us a call today at Stephen K Denny, Inc. and ask about our IAQ options. We also offer AC installations, repairs, ductwork services and pool heating.

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