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Ensuring minimal energy expenses is every homeowner’s dream. Exceptional HVAC efficiency is inherently vital to reduce your monthly electricity expenses. Here are four tips to follow so you can reduce your HVAC system’s energy consumption in your Jupiter, FL, house.

Replace the Filters

Clean HVAC filters enhance optimal HVAC operation. Additionally, new filters are more effective for preventing the circulation of airborne pollutants and pathogens. Gathered debris forces the HVAC unit to draw more energy and force, causing excessive wear on the system’s components.

Filter replacement averts possible airflow hindrances, ensuring fresh air quality within your home. New filters also work to get rid of debris and contaminants circulating in your rooms.

Seal the Ducts

Broken seals and wear along the ductwork contribute to immense energy loss. Leaking ducts allow cool air to escape, lessening the overall HVAC cooling power. Leaks in the ductwork also impede smooth air circulation and could cause severe temperature imbalance.

Scheduling professional inspection at least bi-annually ensures a well-functioning ductwork system. Preventive maintenance also takes care of possible cracks along the air ducts.

Upgrade Your HVAC System

If you’ve had your HVAC system for close to 10 years, purchasing a new system will significantly tame your energy expenses. Energy Star-rated HVAC systems have advanced energy-saving technology. HVAC systems with higher SEER numbers provide maximum air conditioning at minimal energy usage.

It’ll help if you organize an appointment with an expert to discuss the best HVAC size for your house. Incorrect sizing causes inefficient cooling and faster deterioration of the HVAC parts.

Switch to a Smart Thermostat

Upgrading to a smart thermostat is among the most effective ways of lowering your electricity bills. Smart thermostats automatically readjust the indoor temperatures to achieve your comfort levels. Smart thermostats also allow remote access; thus, you can regulate your home’s climate from any place.

Contact Stephen K Denny, Inc. for high-quality air conditioning services. Our service techs provide exceptional maintenance services to promote a fresh and comfortable living space.

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