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How to Prevent Your Jupiter, FL AC Warranty From Being Voided

It’s important for you to know that you can mistakenly void the warranty on your Jupiter, FL, air conditioner. This is because brands have high expectations for the way a unit is installed and maintained. Read on to learn essential tips that will help you keep your AC warranty intact.

Always Use a Licensed and Professional Installer

Check to make sure you’re using a licensed HVAC contractor whenever you’re getting a new AC unit installed. Most HVAC warranty companies stipulate that a mechanical contractor must install any new HVAC system. They typically won’t accept warranty claims if the installer had only a home improvement contractor (HIC) certification.

Register for Warranty Protection

A common mistake that voids out warranty protection is forgetting to register your equipment in the first place. Most companies make it easy to register the system online. You might also choose to mail in the warranty registration card that’s typically included with each HVAC system installation.

Failing to register your air conditioner unit with the manufacturer doesn’t always void the entire warranty. It might limit the warranty lifespan rather than void everything out. However, get that registration filled out so that you don’t get surprised when the warranty runs out sooner than expected.

Keep in mind that some manufacturers place a deadline date on when the registration must get completed. This time frame is typically 60-90 days within the installation date. The best course of action is filling out the registration information on the same day of installation.

Some HVAC companies submit warranty information automatically for you. Others will even help with adding your name to the registration paperwork when you’re purchasing a brand-new home.

Maintain Your AC Unit Consistently

The easiest way to void out your air conditioner unit warranty is skipping an annual maintenance check. Most warranty companies include a requirement stating that your HVAC system must be maintained at least once a year. Budget this annual tune-up process into your expenses and simply get it done.

It’s understandable why warranty companies include this requirement. Regular AC maintenance provides your HVAC specialist the ability to catch potential problems early and make inexpensive repairs before major breakdowns occur. Getting an annual tune-up helps mitigate the wear and tear that leads to broken blower motors or compressors, for example.

Premature HVAC failure typically happens with systems that aren’t maintained on a regular basis, and warranties get voided as a result. Remember that annual maintenance also benefits you by extending your system’s lifespan and keeping your monthly power bills manageable.

Use Manufacturer-Authorized Parts Only

Manufacturers always recommend that you use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts when making repairs. If you use any of the following parts, then you run the risk of voiding out your HVAC system warranty:

  • Parts received from an unlicensed contractor
  • Parts from a friend’s broken system
  • Parts purchased from an online discount store

OEM parts get tested for optimal functionality and compatibility, and that’s why manufacturers want them used inside your HVAC system. Although third-party parts most likely work well with your AC unit, there’s no guarantee that they won’t cause an issue within the system. Always use a licensed HVAC technician who uses the correct parts that won’t end up voiding out your warranty.

Keep Proper Records

It’s required that you keep records of HVAC maintenance dates, repairs and installation. Make sure you have the proper paperwork that a warranty company might ask for, such as receipts or work orders.

Keep even small items like air filter receipts and replacement dates. You don’t want to miss anything that might cause a manufacturer to void the contract and leave you without warranty protection.

Have you kept your AC warranty intact and need your HVAC system serviced? Contact one of our friendly Stephen K. Denny, Inc. representatives, and we’ll schedule your next AC repair appointment.

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