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The best HVAC systems in Wellington, FL, will not work very well if a problem exists with the thermostat. It’s important to understand how your thermostat works and the way it affects your HVAC system as a whole. The following facts regarding the relationship between your thermostat and HVAC system are important to understand.

1. Higher Settings Do Not Affect Speed

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that programming their thermostat to a higher setting than they desire will increase their home’s temperature faster. The truth is that setting your thermostat to 80 degrees when you desire 75 will only cost you unnecessary money on energy bills.

2. Thermostats Must Have Proper Programming

Programmable thermostats make life easier for users who understand how these thermostats work. Unfortunately, many homeowners with programmable thermostats do not know how to use them properly. If you plan to use a programmable thermostat, be sure to either read the manual explaining its use or have an HVAC installation expert explain the process to you.

3. Thermostats Can Save You Money

Programmable thermostats allow you to set a schedule that will enable your heating and cooling system to run only during the times you need it the most. This action will result in greater energy efficiency and less money needed to heat or cool your home.

4. Thermostats Are Not Universal

Some homeowners learn the hard way that thermostats are not universal. You will need to purchase one that’s compatible with the HVAC system in your home. If your HVAC system includes two-stage cooling or heating, you will need a thermostat designed to work with two-stage systems.

A properly working thermostat is essential to maintaining the comfort level in your home. Call Stephen K Denny, Inc. in Wellington, FL, to take care of any HVAC maintenance needs you may have.

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