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With so many air cleaners on the market, choosing the best one for your home can be difficult. You’ll want to think about expenses, potential maintenance and your room’s square footage. By keeping these important considerations in mind, you can find the perfect air cleaner for your home in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

1. Calculate Your Total Expenses

The cost of owning an air cleaner goes beyond the price tag you see online or in the store. You’ll also need to factor in the cost of new air filters, cleaning supplies and replacement parts.

Sometimes, the unit with the lowest upfront price tag will cost more when you factor in necessary supplies. However, you can save money by purchasing filters in bulk.

2. Consider Maintenance

Most high-quality air cleaners don’t require too much maintenance. Changing the filter every few months is enough. However, some units require a bit more elbow grease to keep them running properly.

For instance, some units have washable pre-filters that you must wash periodically. You might not have time for extra tasks like that, though. If you’re looking for minimal maintenance, then choose a “maintenance free” unit.

3. Check Your Room’s Square Footage

Determine the square footage of the space your air cleaner will need to cover. Some air cleaners can handle more square footage than others. You’ll need a cleaner that’s rated for your space, not one that’s too big or too small.

An air cleaner is a wonderful addition to any Florida home, but it’s also important to make sure your HVAC system is doing its part too. To learn more about the indoor air quality solutions we offer at Stephen K Denny, Inc. Air, contact us today. Our technicians will help you find the indoor air quality product that’s right for you and your home.

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